Given our high specialization in the field of real estate, we offer the following services:


•At your request, we commission our professionals (architects, surveyors, engineers) to check for any administrative problems, compliance, zoning, easements or rights of third parties. 

• We ensure to provide accurate estimates with respect to a given area and comparison of properties with the same characteristics. 

• We offer our advice and assistance in the preparation of the preliminary contract. 

• We arrange for the preparation of any powers of attorney in case of temporary impediment of the customer. 

• If properly authorized by the customer, we provide the signing of contracts. 

• We provide preliminary registration of contracts and lease. 

• We arrange for the preparation of documents for the preparation of the deed.


• Translation of legal documents and correspondence. 

• advice on the documentation required by the bank to instruct the practice of mortgage.  

• Advice on the various forms of income from real estate (leases transitional annual and vacation rentals.  

• Opening a / c with banks on behalf of clients.

Services relating to the maintenance of property:

• Provide household services at home, gardeners and workers in general. 

• Advice on the best companies for the renovation of buildings.

• Advice for the installation and maintenance of swimming pools. 

• Arrange transfer of utilities (gas, water, electricity and telephone).